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Jonny Greenwood

Music Master

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colourblind, not tonedeaf.

You could use lj-cuts for pictures that are be a bit too big and would stretch peoples friends pages etc. anyhow, have fun! post icons, ramblings, questions, pictures, sites, mediafiles;.. whichever relates to Genius Jonny that you'd like to share..

7 television commercials, alice coltrane, aliens, amnesiac, analogue synths, aphex twin, asian dub foundation, at ease, autechre, banjos, being shy, bitches brew, bjork, blow out, boards of canada, bodysong, captain beefheart, charles mingus, chris cunningham, claude debussy, clinic, colin greenwood, colorblindness, colourblindness, creep, dancing people, debussy, django bates, dollars & cents, drum machines, ed o'brien, electioneering, electric guitars, electronica, england, faithless the wonder boy, fenders, fitter happier, follow me around, free tibet, fuseleeds, ghosts, goldfrapp, hail to the thief, harps, high and dry, how to disappear completely, hunting bears, idioteque, idm, ignoring alien orders, india rubber, indie, indie boys, intelligent machines, jazz, jonny greenwood, journalism, kaos pads, keyboards, kid a, king tubby, kite flying, knives out, kraftwerk, london sinfonietta, long walks, massive attack, meeting people is easy, mild und leise, miles davis, music, my iron lung, new sounds, no surprises, noise, ok computer, olivier messiaen, ondes martenot, oxford, pablo honey, palo alto, paperbag writer, paranoid android, paul lansky, pavement, peace, phil selway, pink floyd, pj harvey, planet telex, psychology, r.e.m., radiohead, reckoner, record shopping, records, reggae, rem, scott walker, sigur ros, small ugly dogs, smear, sonic youth, sparklehorse, subterranean homesick alien, sulk, talk show host, talking heads, tamir, teeth, the beatles, the bends, the fall, the gloaming, the greenwood sisters, the imperfect art, the london sinfonietta, the music industry, the national anthem, the tourist, there there, thom yorke, travelling, treefingers, u2, unbelievable truth, vintage, vinyl records, violent femmes, violins, where bluebirds fly