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Our boy has a sense of humour. - Jonny Greenwood

About Our boy has a sense of humour.

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Mon, 01 October


Just to let you know - mel called to say that w.a.s.t.e are working on the current gear-grinding at inrainbows.com....it's getting busy in there - busier than they expected.

So if you please bear with us, it should get cleared out soon. I sound like a bouncer. Get behind the rope. No denim. Thanks for your patience with the site & interest in the record.


talking of gears;

He does like his semi colons, doesn't he? Anyway, apparently Jonny posted the In Rainbows announcement at 12.09am... if you like knowing these things. The obsessive that I am, I found it interesting.

New member here, by the way. Hello! And I just realised my Thom icon - sadly, the only Radiohead icon I have - is the exact same picture. Oh Jonny, you read my mind.
moods:: waiting for In Rainbows
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